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                              MAHONE BAY, NOVA SCOTIA                                          OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK, MID MAY TO THE END OF OCTOBER 

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We really enjoyed serving up our delicious sandwiches, deli items, baked goods, etc,etc. and we loved hearing how much you love it here!

We have packed up the store for another year and just finished the Autumn jam making sessions. Debra, Weise and Peggy bottled over 4,500 jars of jams and I invented a new contraption to assist them with the process. In case you can't wait til spring to try our jams (best in the East), Pete's Froutique Halifax location carries them year round.

This winter 2015 a big highlight is the incubation of a gluten free menu for our bakery section.The most promising items will be tested on the locals, who we know, are sure to give us their honest opinion. We will also be testing out new grocery and deli items, making some changes in our I.C.U (ice cream unit) and tweaking here and there.

We wish you a wonderful winter season and are excited to see you next spring with all of our new updates.

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